So what, I haven’t been in the blogging community or stepped on this blog for what two years?! Yep. There are reasons for this, one I have had tons of work and two, my depression has come back and has hit me harder, so I have decided to evaulate my life and make some decisions, I have deleted my youtube channel because it wasn’t getting much love and to be honest I wasn’t going to become a massive youtube star and I have decided that I’m not going to be using this blog anymore, since I have losted interest in writing and blogging. When my depression and personal issues have sorted themselves out I might make a comeback in the blogging community, like I had done when I first started, just not on this website. I want to personally thank all of the support I had from other bloggers, people who commented and just people who decided to visit, because all of this, really brightened up my day. Goodbye everyone and it has been such a priviledge.

– The impossible girl

tough decision

So I know you guys are going to hate me for it I know,but I have decided I’m going to stop blogging for a while,It breaks my heart to say this but I’m never going to be blogging again,so Goodbye forever.

Ha,tricked you but it all seriousness I’m going to going to starting a new blog on weebly or wordpress sharing my photos,thoughts and stuff,I’m trying to move away from my current blog,but I promise I’m going to be trying to keep this blog going.

The impossible girl

Random update

And the first thing I going to do say sorry for not updating my blog,I’ve been so busy with my new school,new story on wattpad and homework.It’s annoying.So I may not be updating as regularly as I used to.So I’m going to take full advantage of this post,by telling you guys some things you need to know some changes happening and my new wattpad story.

As you guys know due to my new school I’ll be posting less regularly and I may be deleting some stories I’ve been writing,I’m not going to spend so much time on my blog in other words.

But on a more positive note I have started writing the first part of a trilogy,known as Infinity and I’ve decided I’ll be writing a post accouning the second and third parts.

The Impossible girl

Looking back

Raising a glass to yesterday’s you,
remembering times good and bad,
seeing who you were.
Note:Sorry I haven’t posted in a while I have been really busy with my new school.

300 views,Whop Whop

over the course of 9 months,I’ve got 300 views thank you guys so much cos this wouldn’t be possible without you,when I started I was depressed but blogging lifted my spirits and made me happier.I want to thank two awesome bloggers,who I met through blogging,alittlebirdtweets and youarebeingloved ,they are awesome because just one comment or like can make a big difference,so thank you. 🙂

life update:Time is nearly up

So I decided to do a life update,seeing I haven’t done one in a while.So the summer holidays are nearly over and in England,it doesn’t really seem like summer,but I’ve been busy,hanging out with some of my mates,updating my blog and of course having to study *Groan.But that shouldn’t get in the way of a wonderful summer holiday,even if you are not going anywhere,you should find things to enjoy about the present,after all tomorrow is a mystery.
The impossible girl.

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on writing

note:I already made the Q and A video so don’t comment any more questions.

So with writing,people tell you to plan everything,that is kinda true,but there are shortcuts to help you plan with ease.
With my stories I decide what the story should be set,before I decide the characters,I try to make the heroine fiery and independent but hey that’s my style.Like most writers,I try to use references from my own life,like for example in ‘the unbreakable code’ Rose has sights on going to Cambridge,like me and in ‘inside out’ Cassia’s favourite restaurant is ‘the oriental china’ which a Chinese restaurant based on one of my favourite restaurants,which is a Chinese restaurant,But it is optional,most writers prefer not to.Also when I’m writing I like to plan each chapter in my head before writing it,So I have an idea of what to write,you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,but I find it useful.
If you want more tips on writing I highly recommend Kristen Lamb’s blog,https://warriorwriters.wordpress.com


Just to let you guys know I’m maybe going to be starting to make videos on youtube,to gain more views on my blog,so my first video is going to be Q and A,so comment some questions you want me to answer and I’ll add them to some of my own,my channel is Rhiaitanaproductions5,this was going to be a clab channel with my friend Aitana,but since she has decided she isn’t going to be doing with me I’ll be doing it my myself.

The impossible girl


love this poem,just had to reblog it.

a little bird tweets

If you were stood here watching my eyes, you would see a reflection of what I see before me,

Of smoking clouds punching at the forever seas, crashing waves to starry heights.

You see, there is an alluding mystery that pins me to this place,

Like a song playing on loop,
Tangled hair buffering in the breeze.
There is certainty in memories repeated.

If you were here, you’d hear me humming your biker name,
Stood in clad leather, a girl in the gang, your girl called,


You would tune into the fine red threads that pass over my eyeballs like road maps.

And I know that you’d know, that they are red thread highways, carved away over time,

by my desert love.


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