Limitless stories

Mircochips-100 word story

Okay the world is going totally crazy,all because of one stupid little product,the whole world is slowly turning into machines and this is how it all started…with the company mind-chip,they created this mircochip,which you put into your brain,that you store your memories in and that was the start of it,hackers found ways to hack into people’s heads,rewriting their lives,turning them into emotionless robots,Long ago I ditched my mircochip,everyone (included the hackers) are on the run fighting for our lives,is this how humanity ends? Running,Running,Praying for my precious life. I guess this means stupid dammn Machines have taken over the human race.

Dammn girl!-100 word story

My life is a rundown mess,lots of things have just happened to me,heartbreaks,dilemmas,freedom,tough choices.Isn’t everyone’s life like that?or is it just me? Sometime you have to wonder. But there are certain ways of trying to express how you are feeling,Music is one of them,soft melodies floating through the air,the way a musician’s fingers dance when they play the instrument,life’s pleasures,life’s enjoys,it’s is incredible,life’s heartbreaks,the sorrow you feel when you lose someone close to you,pain, guilt ,love ,laughter , happiness , excited there are so many emotions that an person can feel but this is what makes us human.

Can you guess what it is?-50 word story

People are using it more and more,it’s helps with every day life,it’s for ever advancing,it’s the future of mankind,it can help to overcome small difficulties,it’s so hard to live without it,you can decorate it,scrap it, leave it,buy it. A piece of it is always found in people homes.

It’s Technology.

winner of 100 words or less

the best present ever-by the girl who waited

It was white and cute,it had brown spots and brown eyes,it looked up straight at me,my heart melted with cuteness,it crawled into my arms,snuggling into the warmth,I couldn’t think of what to call it,I’m not going to call it something embarrassing,How about Minty? I snuggled up with Minty,my new puppy.


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