Logic problem

Tricky puzzle,comment down below if anyone has sloved this.The reason why i reblogged this is because I’m a massive doctor who fan.
The impossible girl

Clare Flourish

In The Pyramids of Mars, Sarah-Jane Smith is trapped. There are two switches, one of which will release her, one of which will kill her. There are two guardians,  one of which tells the truth, the other always lying. The Doctor can ask one guardian one question. He asks,

“If I asked the other guardian which was the life switch, which would it indicate?”

The liar will lie about the truth-teller, and so indicate the death switch. The truth-teller will tell the truth about the liar, so indicate the death switch. The Doctor presses the other switch and Sarah is released.

John Finnemore did a sketch in which the guardians are fed up because everyone now knows what to ask- so they introduce a third guardian who strictly alternates, lying in one answer then telling the truth in the next. You will not know whether the alternator will lie or…

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2 thoughts on “Logic problem

  1. the impossible girl says:

    I think this is the answer ask 1,2 and 3 a simple question like what’s 1+1,chances are one will tell the truth let’s say 1 says 3,2 says 5 and 3 says 2,if two answer truthly ask a different question,then ask which one is the death switch X or Y,keeping your eye on the truthful one and answer will be the switch that relases you.
    The impossible girl
    P.S someone please tell me the answer i’m dying here!


    • the impossible girl says:

      here’s clare’s (the blogger who posted this orignally) reply:
      Sorry, that is not it. You can ask a question to which the answer is that they indicate a switch. So you ask questions such as, “Which is the life switch?” Or “Which would Guardian 2 say is the life switch?” They cannot talk, only point.
      I thought of them only pointing to the switches, and have three questions which always get the right answer with that rule, but it might be easier if they could point at the guardians as well, so you could ask, “Which is the truth-teller?” But I have not worked out a solution with that option, and I think a solution with questions asking them to point to a switch is easier to work out.
      Added: I have amended the post to state that the only permissible questions are ones answered by a guardian pointing to a switch. That is the only puzzle where I have the answer!


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