10 Ways to bust your boredom and boredom in general

Today I was just so bored and I couldn’t think of what to write,so I decided to write 10 ways to bust your boredom,for people who find themselves bored out of their mind and boredom in general.

So first let’s look at the science behind this,
‘Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time , But nothing really is.’
My take on Thomas szasz ‘s quote

What I mean about this is that whenever you feel bored you think everything is a waste of time,when it isn’t.

So here’s my 10 ways to bust boredom:
1)Watch youtube videos or start a channel (That’s on my to-do list)
2)Start a blog,blogging is so fun it just opens your mind
3)Go for a walk,whether in your back garden or not,just walking and taking your mind off things works
4)Write feelings down on paper,this may sound stupid but it helps you work out what you’re feeling
5)Start writing a novel,whether you’re a good writer or not,I find writing very useful when I’m bored.
6)make a list of things to do,places to go,achievement you want to accomplish in the next year,the choice is yours.
7)Tidy up something,your room,desk,etc,ever all you don’t want people to think you’re messy.
8)Start a journal/Diary it’s great fun and when you read some of your past entries,it’s funny to see how you’ve changed and grown as a person.If you decide to have secrets in the journal/Diary keep it hidden and use a decoy diary and leave it lining around and write boring entries in it.
9)Decide to take up a lifelong hobby,like mine is guitar and yoga.
10)Check your email,trust me there could be something useful in there or a whole load of junk mail you need to bin.

So now you know how to bust your boredom,Now get out here and beat it up.

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