The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on writing

note:I already made the Q and A video so don’t comment any more questions.

So with writing,people tell you to plan everything,that is kinda true,but there are shortcuts to help you plan with ease.
With my stories I decide what the story should be set,before I decide the characters,I try to make the heroine fiery and independent but hey that’s my style.Like most writers,I try to use references from my own life,like for example in ‘the unbreakable code’ Rose has sights on going to Cambridge,like me and in ‘inside out’ Cassia’s favourite restaurant is ‘the oriental china’ which a Chinese restaurant based on one of my favourite restaurants,which is a Chinese restaurant,But it is optional,most writers prefer not to.Also when I’m writing I like to plan each chapter in my head before writing it,So I have an idea of what to write,you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to,but I find it useful.
If you want more tips on writing I highly recommend Kristen Lamb’s blog,

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