life update:Time is nearly up

So I decided to do a life update,seeing I haven’t done one in a while.So the summer holidays are nearly over and in England,it doesn’t really seem like summer,but I’ve been busy,hanging out with some of my mates,updating my blog and of course having to study *Groan.But that shouldn’t get in the way of a wonderful summer holiday,even if you are not going anywhere,you should find things to enjoy about the present,after all tomorrow is a mystery.
The impossible girl.

2 thoughts on “life update:Time is nearly up

  1. Anissa says:

    I just read the beginning and it was just so cool ! The story is very interesting, characters are so attractive and looks really good and the context is very good wifi a lot or suspense.
    You must put it on your blog for your readers can enjoyed it !
    Big kiss!
    Your english friend.


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