So what, I haven’t been in the blogging community or stepped on this blog for what two years?! Yep. There are reasons for this, one I have had tons of work and two, my depression has come back and has hit me harder, so I have decided to evaulate my life and make some decisions, I have deleted my youtube channel because it wasn’t getting much love and to be honest I wasn’t going to become a massive youtube star and I have decided that I’m not going to be using this blog anymore, since I have losted interest in writing and blogging. When my depression and personal issues have sorted themselves out I might make a comeback in the blogging community, like I had done when I first started, just not on this website. I want to personally thank all of the support I had from other bloggers, people who commented and just people who decided to visit, because all of this, really brightened up my day. Goodbye everyone and it has been such a priviledge.

– The impossible girl

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