Author’s note:This is the edited version of eclipse
Chapter 1

‘Take me to see L.A..You’ll be my American boy,American boy’

I jumped off a double-decker bus and started dancing on the streets of London,I sang as I went up the stairs of my flat on Bridgehead estate.’Shut up!’ Marie Shouted,the old bag,she only adopted me after my parents died,just to pay rent on her flat.

I sighed switching on my system,this helped me study,listen to music and go to sleep as it set my alarm when I switched it on and put on music at a low enough volume so I could hear it and Marie wouldn’t moan.”One day” I sighed “I would be somewhere far away from Marie and a place where I was respected” because I wanted to work for NSA but Marie wanted me to stay and be her servant whilst she lorded it about,But I was going to get out of this place…Soon.

Chapter 2

The next day was Saturday,I woke up at 5.00 did my homework,packed my bag and cleaned my room so Marie wouldn’t moan and if I had time slept till 7.00,Marie woke up at 7.30 and she expected her breakfast all ready and made,She always had a full English and a cup of tea whilst I had cornflakes,afterwards I would hover up her room and tidy up before doing my shift at the café,Before giving her all the money (Not really half of it the rest I put in my secret bank account).

So that’s what I did I came back,But strangely Marie didn’t moan about me coming in so loud,I walked in and Marie was chatting to these men in suits.

“Oh there you are! These men have a job offer for you and it’s about time too,I’m sick of getting £2.50 every weekend.” Marie moaned

“What job offer?” I said,amazed

Chapter 3

“Do you mind if we come into your room?” One of the men asked

I nodded.

“I’m Eddie and this is Carl.” the another man said,as we entered my room

“So what’s the job offer?” I asked

“Well we need to see whether you are suitable for the job then if you are,we’ll take you to your new place and on the way tell you about the job.” Carl said

I switched on my system,Carl was impressed,but Eddie wasn’t,he handed my his briefcase,inside there was wires and a couple of circuits.

“Show me what you can make out of that and how it works.” Eddie said

I quickly attached a couple of cables together and dismantled some other circuits and attached it to the light-bulb then to the door.So when you open the door the light-bulb comes on and a bit of the circuit of attached to my watch so as soon as I leave the room the light-bulb switches off,I drew a equation to explain it.

“You are prefect for the job,Pack your bags” Carl said

“But where are we going?” I asked

“We’re going to Oxford.” Eddie said

Chapter 4

I was hurled into a black car as Carl explained to Marie where they are taking me. The journey from London to Oxford was horrible.2hrs 2mins without traffic,that’s why I slept for most of the journey.

I woke outside the Eagle and Child pub,

“Hungry?cos I’m.” Eddie stated

I was taken into the pub,Carl and Eddie were chatting with the manger,Laughing with him,when he left,Eddie said he just had got us a discount which made me laugh,it was a nice way to break the ice,They got me fish and chips,which was nice because I was as ravenous as a homeless person.

Before they took me into the staff’s quarters.

“So this is where I’ll be working then?” I asked,

Carl and Eddie gave a hoot of laughter,They sent me down a trapdoor,I walked in.

Everyone in the room stopped and stared at me,

“Welcome to Lightwood.” Carl said.

Chapter 5

I froze,staring at everyone.

“Where I’m going to be staying?” I asked.

Carl took me into this peach coloured room,before leaving me to unpack.I heard Carl and Eddie lecturing the others,

”Is everything all-right?” I asked,

“Yes everything is fine.” Eddie said

“Good,I’m Clara” I introduced myself

“I’m Mark it’s nice to meet you.” A boy said,

“Mark do you have any circuits and wires?” I asked

He gave me some and I went back to my room and started attaching the circuits and wires together,creating a flowing circuit around the room powering up my alarm and the light-bulb with my body heat and the computer in the room was power by my watch and how long I wore it for.

Mark gazed around the room,impressed.”Wow!” He said,

I made him a cup of tea.

“What’s Lightwood?” I asked him,whilst handing him the tea.

“You know about the Mars one project?” He asked

“Yes it took off when I was three”

“Well not long after they started sending messages,all jumbled up and that was the purpose of Lightwood to decode these messages,if you can decode it,I’ll give up all my work just to become your assistant.”

“I’ll too.”

So that’s how Mark became one of my best friends and a person that I could always relay on.

Chapter 6

I had been there for no more than 3 weeks before I started to make changes to the system of Lightwood,In the first week I learning the ropes of the system,Mark and I bunked off at the weekend,to watch the intimation game and on Monday he couldn’t stop talking about it,I had no ideas on how to find decode the messages,I was stuck and worse Eddie and Carl were coming to review my work,Then Mark said something that changed everything “You know the enigma was an unbreakable code cracked by the English using machines.”

“Say that again.”

He said it again,twice,before I kissed him then shouted Erika! I threw all the pieces of paper with the best possible theories that Mark and Eddie had noted down then I ran back into the room and started noting my ideas down on the blackboard,
”Please let me in Clara.” Mark pleased,so I took pity on him and let him in.

“Wow!” He said “I guess this is the time to give up all my theories and be your assistant,what are you going to called this code-breaking machine? How about the Lightbreaker?”

“No,This is such a remarkable event,What happens a couple of times during your lifetime? I’ve got it Eclipse That’s what I’m going to call it Eclipse.”

Chapter 7

Mark and I worked hard,we worked through the night,well we slept in shifts. Before testing out the machine by writing several programs,Finally I inputed the final program to crack it,before showing it to the whole of the Lightwood team,

Eddie inputed one of the codes and the Mars one’s message came out,I contacted NSA straight away and we video taped Eclipse working and sent it to them,in fact I had made headlines but I made sure that Mark had full credit as well,So together with we sent message back to Mars telling them about everything that asked and telling them about daily news happening on Earth.

I had changed mankind forever,now Loved ones could communicate to people up on Mars.

I change the way Lightwood worked,and in the end Mark married me and if I have to say something Life did turn out good in the end.


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