Inside out

Chapter 1

Bursting into tears,Felicity ran into her room,that overlooked the corn field. It was the last thing her father wanted to do,and he’d already done it. Felicity’s tears fell on her pentagon covered duvet,There was only one thing to do,visit her friend,Cassia,
“She’d know what to do.” Felicity thought.

Chapter 2

Felicity climbed out of her window, jumped on the porch and slid off the it, landing perfectly on her motorbike, she had practised the stunt,many times.

Riding out of the corn field,she rode into town and stopped outside ‘oriental china’ , her favourite Chinese restaurant.

“Can I have a portion of king pawn in black bean sauce with egg fried rice.” Cassia ordered,as Felicity entered,“and a portion of won ton soup.” she added,as soon as she soon she saw Felicity.

“How are you?” Cassia asked

“My father is leaving for space in two mouths and…I can’t go with him.” Felicity’s heart breaking on her last words.

There was an awkward pause between them,mainly cos Cassia couldn’t think of to say.

“There’s something to need to tell you and you are not going to like it.” Cassia said,avoiding Felicity’s eyes.

It was like Felicity red Cassia’s mind.

“You are going to space with Dad,aren’t you.”

“Felicity,I didn’t know how to tell you.”

But Felicity had already started crying and saying that she couldn’t live without her father or her best friend.

“Felicity We’ve still got two months.”

This made her cry even more.

“Then why don’t you come with me.”

Chapter 3

Felicity stopped crying and stared at Cassia,as if she said that the world was going to end in 2 hours.

“To space,Cass. To Space!” gasped Felicity. “Cassia they will never allow me to go,I’m only 15.”

“Felicity,my dear friend,who said anything about asking.” Cassia grinned

Felicity pushed a mop of her coke cola hair from her face and gave a tight smile,her smile faded when they overcame a another problem.

“But won’t Mum and Felix know I’m missing or something.”
Cassia had forgotten about Felix,her twin brother and her mother.

As the waiter passed them their food,Cassia finally thought of an idea.

“I know this might sound crazy but since we’ve got two months,why don’t we build a cloning machine and clone you.” Cassia said

Felicity would usually class this as a stupid idea,but she thought this idea though with an open mind.

“Ok,We will start work on it tonight,only we can’t do it in my bedroom. So where shall we do it?” Felicity asked

They munched on their food and thought.

“There’s a little place uptown,where my great grandfather lived,In his will he left it to me and Felix. I’ll ask Felix for the key. Meet me outside here tonight and take the truck so I can put my motorbike in it and we’ll start work at midnight.” Felicity exclaimed

“Okay. we’ll meet here at 11.00 tonight” Cassia said.
Chapter 4
Felicity decided to put her plan into action,she stopped outside her house and barged into Felix’s room. As he looked up,Felicity noticed that his eyes were puffy and red from crying.

“What do you want?” he asked,in a surly tone of voice.
“May I have the keys please?” Felicity asked,ignoring his previous remark.
“Keys to what?” Felix groaned
“To his place.” Felicity answered,she referred to her great grandfather as ‘him’ or ‘he’ because she didn’t really think much of him and when he died and left his keys to her,she gave him to Felix and never really asked for them.

However,Felix remarked on this and said that she never really wanted to keys to the place so why did she want them now?

Felicity was amendment to tell him be saying comments like ‘its none of your business.’

But Felix had a clever comeback “But the keys are currently in my procession so unless you tell me what you are going to do,you can’t have them.”

Felicity had no choice but to tell him.
Chapter 5

“This may sound crazy but me and Cass are going to build a cloning machine,clone me and the clone is going to stay here and I am goi-” Felicity began
“So you can go to space with dad and leave me here,don’t you say anything about the clone because it just won’t be you.”
Felix started sobbing again.
“Then come with me.”
Felix was shocked,but he seized his chance like it was the light of day,he agreed to go with her. What was the worse that could happen?

Chapter 6
Beep.Beep went Felicity’s phone underneath her pillow,Felicity rubbed her eyes and put on her trainers,after all she went to bed fully clothed and ready.

Creak,Creak went the floorboards underneath her feet,in order to go to Felix’s room,she had to past her parent’s.

Her father stopped snoring for a second,Felicity froze,should she run or stay put?finally her father started snoring again.

She crept to Felix’s room and swiftly put headphones on his ears,put her hand over his mouth and started playing heavy metal. Felix woke up with a shock,tried to scream then realised what was happening.

“You idiot Feli.” he muttered,as both of them climbed out of her bedroom window,ready to make their quick get-a-away.
Chapter 7
As they drove into view of the ‘oriental china’,they found Cassia standing outside her faded red painted truck,munching on some noodles,holding some lukewarm won ton soup. Cassia raised an eyebrow when she saw Felix,jump off Felicity’s motorcycle,
“I didn’t know he was coming.” Cassia pointed out
“Well he had the keys and also decided he wanted to be a part of this.” Felicity said
Cassia knew what Felicity was trying to say,but it meant more work for her,
‘But who cares?’ she thought,she handed Felicity the soup.
They loaded the motorcycle in the back of the truck and Felix and Felicity jumped in the back,and they set off,to start work on their plan.


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