Just to let you guys know I’m maybe going to be starting to make videos on youtube,to gain more views on my blog,so my first video is going to be Q and A,so comment some questions you want me to answer and I’ll add them to some of my own,my channel is Rhiaitanaproductions5,this was going to be a clab channel with my friend Aitana,but since she has decided she isn’t going to be doing with me I’ll be doing it my myself.

The impossible girl



love this poem,just had to reblog it.

a little bird tweets

If you were stood here watching my eyes, you would see a reflection of what I see before me,

Of smoking clouds punching at the forever seas, crashing waves to starry heights.

You see, there is an alluding mystery that pins me to this place,

Like a song playing on loop,
Tangled hair buffering in the breeze.
There is certainty in memories repeated.

If you were here, you’d hear me humming your biker name,
Stood in clad leather, a girl in the gang, your girl called,


You would tune into the fine red threads that pass over my eyeballs like road maps.

And I know that you’d know, that they are red thread highways, carved away over time,

by my desert love.


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recently,I have been filming videos with my friend.So I’ve been so busy too busy to even bother to go on my blog,But now I’ve decided I’m starting fresh,I’m going to create a timetable so I can keep up to date with my studies and still talk to you guys,also thank you so much because without you I wouldn’t have more than 200 hits.Thank you so much.
The impossible girl

Here’s to new beginnings

A couple of days ago I finished my old school and in September I’ll be starting my new one,I’m going to miss all my old friends,one of them has been my friend even before school,I going to miss her lots because we’ll be going to different schools.But I’m still going to visit her.But I’ll have new friends,a new life for me.

The impossible girl

Act of journaling

I brought a book from blot a couple months back and I have now decided that I’m going to use that book like a journal,the very art of scrap-booking,now I already have a journal/diary which I write my day in,but it’s not like that If I see something interesting I’ll write it down or a picture which I want to remember I’ll draw it,in fact research has proven it helps and lowers blood pressure so good to me on that.
The impossible girl.

The edited version of the unbreakable code and the missing girl

Finally after promising for so long I have finally edited one of my finished stories,one of my favourites the unbreakable code,tomorrow I’ll try and edit Eclipse for you guys and some of my limitless stories.Good Luck to me on the editing also I’ll try and do the same with my stories which I’m currently writing.

Also I’m now announcing my first crime thriller story called the missing girl about a schoolgirl detective called Lydia Croft and her quest to find her best friend Katherine.