The Unbreakable code

Please read my new sc-fi story
Note from the author:I decided to edit this so here it is the edited version,I’ll try and do the same for all my other finished stories.

Chapter 1
Rose’s P.O.V
“What are you doing?” Jessie yelled
“Stop it ! Hit the key and shut down the computer,you will get us killed!” Jack ordered,but I couldn’t stop,it had to be done,or someone else would do it and would be wrong.”Just one more second!” I shouted,Jack was holding his gun,he would kill me first if it fought back.

I dared myself to look.Jack dropped his gun.Now what happened next was .inevitable,no one had got this far.I had achieved my great great grandfather’s legacy.
I was going to bring back honour to the Smith name.I had cracked it,I had cracked the codeax.The codeax was piece of software Frank Jones developed,Jessie and Jack was the only relative to him and the reason why I know them as because Jack and Jessie are my half-brother and sister,anyway the codeax is an unbreakable code,was an unbreakable code.”I’ve done it!” I screamed.

At one point I was a normal girl off to cambridge in five mouths time,now I was a world class hacker.

Nothing happened.Jessie went off to her boyfriend,Zack’s flat and when she came back she started taking her bad mood out on me ,Usually Mum and Graham,my step-father would came and break us up,Jack would cheer both of us up,but Mum and Graham were in Ibiza,having a holiday,without us.

We said words to each other,words we shouldn’t have said.
“I know what I’m making…an exit!” I shouted

I stormed out of the flat,and ran,I swore to myself,I was never going back

Jack P.O.V
After Rose stormed out of the flat,I wondered what was going on,Jessie was lying on the couch,crying.She also took her bad mood out on me.I told her I was going to find Rose.
“Step out of this flat and I’ll hate you forever” she hissed
“I’m sorry” I muttered
I ran out of the flat screaming Rose’s Name as Jessie screamed mine.

Jessie P.O.V
I was a mess,Zack had dumped me, Rose wasn’t talking to me and my brother hated me.I cried on Abigail,my step-mother’s pillow,I knew she would be angry,but I couldn’t care less.I switched on my computer and about to watch my favourite programme on the laptop to cheer me up,when the computer had a funny message on it.Download ready continue .Blue rays shot out of the computer.I shrieked.

Chapter 2
Rose P.O.V
I was walking down the high street,away from the flat.When I heard Jack screaming my name,I had made my choice,I was never going back,”ROSE!” Jack had finally caught up with me,he started tugging on my jacket,begging me to go back,”GET OFF OF ME!”.
Tears were falling of my face.

Then he stopped he muttered “I’m an idiot,Jess was right about you,I should have never ran after you”
I couldn’t bear it,any more.”I hate you,you are dead to me,” I spat it out like a piece of gum.Jack stopped and stared at me,he was gobsmacked.Tears ran down my cheeks I had lost the two people I loved the dearest.
He tried to change my mind by saying stupid things that didn’t matter like if you forgive me I’ll go to Mars for you.
As I was paying for some fish and chips I had made up my mind,Dad left a flat for me and mum,two flats,the one which we are staying in now in Oxford and a another in Cambridge,I was going to make up with Jessie and the next day I was going to Cambridge.No one could change my mind.

Jack P.O.V
This was probably the worst day of my life,after Mum got hit by an asteroid.God knows what Jessie was doing. When we got back in the flat I breathed a sigh of relief we are all in flat,for now.”Jessie!” Rose called out.”I’m sorry I..”.

Rose P.O.V
My blood froze.Jessie was lying there,Not moving.Her eyelids were shut.”Jess!” I tried to feel her pulse,but she was wearing a lot of clothes and jewellery,but most were near the wrist,then I made the biggest mistake of my life,I looked at the computer screen.
First download complete,next download ready.Blue rays came shooting out of the screen.”JACK!” I screamed

Chapter 3

Jessie P.O.V

Where was I?Lines of code were swirling all around me.I couldn’t breathe.I bet it’s got something to do with the codeax.A figure was emerging in the distance.I crawled towards it.ROSE! I was overjoyed to see her.I wrapped my arms around her.”I’m sorry about earlier,you’re like a sister to me.” I whispered in her ear.I had to hang on to her as long as I could,I didn’t know where we were going ,but I was glad that she was there.

Jack P.O.V

“Rose,why did you…” I froze,Rose and Jessie were lying there.Frozen.I shaked them but they didn’t do anything.I opened Jessie’s laptop,two messages came up,the first one started to play.It was Jessie.

“I don’t know where I am,Please help me I don’t know where I am.”,but Rose’s message was different.

“Jack,Me and Jessie are trapped here,but listen the programme is going to get you,so how you stay alive,is after this message run far away from this room then cut the hard wires this is going to make your programming a bit disaffect but least you’re safe,for now.Good Luck.” Then the message ended.I did just as I was told.The program was going to get me again,so I had to hurry up.Time was short.It was up to me now,I had to save them

Chapter 4

Rose P.O.V

“where are we?” I asked,I had finally woken up.

“I don’t know” Jessie muttered

I was glad Jessie was there,I think she was glad too,for a different reason as I was the one to get us out of this mess.I just hope I can.

Jack P.O.V

First I worked out if I was going to save them I had to crack the codeax myself,DAMMN!!!!

I opened up my computer,I worked out the basic functions to open the codeax,as I saw Rose do it before I realised what she was doing.I wrote a basic couple of lines of code to work out the first code before a another came up,Rose could crack it,but I couldn’t…”Hold on there’s a way!” I thought,I had to hack into baskerville’s code cracker,which was a cracker that could crack any code,just in case world war 3 breaks out,I needed to hack into there,if they discover me I could have a lifetime in prison,but I would risk it to save them.

Chapter 5

Jessie P.O.V

“Where are we?” Rose asked,for the thousandth time,I thought she would be able to get out of this mess,but she was as baffled as I was.

“You must know as you were the one who cracked the codeax” I muttered

“What! Just cos I cracked the codeax you think I’m so dammn smart,well I don’t how to get us out of this mess!” She retorted

“Sorry.” I muttered

Then there was a swirling whirl pool of different colours,that sucked me and Rose in.

“JESSIE!!” Rose screamed

Jack P.O.V

Hacking into baskerville was a stressful job.As approached the code breaker,I needed a password with my fake I.D Harkness548

I clicked the pop-up window,



I hit the break key then this came up.



I had to think of a password real quick.Finally I thought of one

PASSWORD: A_kiss_from_a_rose

Now I was ready,ready to save them.

Chapter 6

Rose P.O.V

A swirling mist of colours took me somewhere I needed to find out,

“I’m glad you’re here I have been expecting you” A strange voice said

“Who are you?” I asked

“Jessica Jones I’m your great-great grandfather,I’m glad you were the one who cracked it.” The strange man smiled,as he leaned back in his wheelchair.

I shook my head

“I’m not Jessie,I’m her step-sister Rose Alice Smith,I was the one who cracked it.” I said

His simile weakened

“Well I’ll tell you are here you are here because…”

A gunshot pierced through the air,Blood,Horror.I glanced up a shadow was there for a moment before disappearing.

Jessie P.O.V

I appeared,as I saw a shadow disappearing.

“What happened?”

“That was your great great grandfather.” Rose muttered

Chapter 7

Jack P.O.V

I cracked the code,I logged out before they discovered me and I inputed the code in my programming,great,one final step before I attacked the software Itself,it seemed risky but I was going to do it,I checked the codeax,

Download processing….

Then in that moment I realised,people had cracked the codeax,before it was really simple programming expect no one had ever found out because before the media heard about it they were sucked into the system,I was going to make sure that my sister and Rose were the last,I realised two things:

1)I had to stop the download

2)I had to destroy the codeax.

I remembered the searches that police were doing to find some of the cleverest people in the world that had gone missing and that they were now on the list of the dead or were rumoured to have been murdered by close friends whatever,but there was a small chance that they were still alive and If  I destroy the codeax I could save them,save them all.

Chapter 8
Rose P.O.V
Jessie gasped in horror,blood was dripping off his wheelchair. But I was thinking,thinking about what he said,there must be something here to tell us where we are here and how to get out,I began searching around his study,there I noticed there was an old computer the kind you find in museums,the hard disk was making a funny sound,a funny overwriting sound.

Next to it there was a shelf,a shelf full of leather books,I grabbed one and opened it,I started to read,

You are here because when you cracked this program,what you missed was this code to stop it from downloading you was this code,that you just happened to miss,easy mistake,I haven’t got long because they’re after me,but your friend you need to save him because when all hope is lost you need him,but apart from that time is short,you need to destroy the program and get out of there before you get trapped,Good Luck.

Jessie P.O.V
Rose shut the leather book,she walked over to the computer,and started the monitor she changed the hard drive and started to write a program for the computer to play at this certain time before the download,she then began searching around for a camera,She made me create a video for Jack,I just broke down tears,Rose just rolled her eyes,but I couldn’t help it,In Rose’s message she explained about the program and how to get us out of there.She inputed the videos into the program and ran the hard disk and set when Jack would get the messages,because Jack was our only hope of getting out of there.

Jack P.O.V
I kinda wished that Rose sent a another message telling me what to do I remembered that even with the hard wires the download still could continue so I started writing a another program,time was short.I had to stop the download.
I hit the key,twice,fast,I was safe.Step one was complete.

Chapter 9

Jessie P.O.V

Rose opened the leather book,

“What are you doing?” I asked

Rose said she writing a another program to help Jack get us out of here,

“We need to get out,because what ever came to kill Frank,is going to get us,so we need to go now!” I shouted.

A gunshot pieced though the air ,but it missed Rose hitting the computer

“Find them,because they are the ones who are going the fuel the alliance,to create the dream world,where all humanity will die.” A piecing voice said.

I froze,the alliance?

Jack P.O.V

I sighed,I started attacking the program and on there,there was an unfinished program and quickly I finished it and started running it,it helped me attack it,Yes!!! I cracked it,now I just had to write another program so I could,get into the program itself,I was on a roll here.

Chapter 10

Rose P.O.V

Jessie was so Dammn right,why the heck did I stay there,I should have sent the program with the videos then got the heck out of here,but one thing for sure we needed to get of here,before the so- called-alliance got us,I realised that they are going to shot again and if we didn’t act fast,they were going to kill us,I ducked down a table,Jessie did the same,Second gunshot,We crawled to the next,Third gunshot,We took cover,but we needed a weapon,I grabbed a staple-gun that was lying there,I rose up and shot the staple-gun,Fourth gunshot,We crawled to the next,

“Please Jack!” I prayed “Do something!”

Jack P.O.V

Dammn,it was attacking against me,now,it’s was just great! I had the urge to shut down the computer

“NO,you’ve got this far,it’s up to you,save them” I snacked myself mentally in the head,

1..2..3 I inputed the final code.

Jessie P.O.V

A light suddenly busted through,we fought against the alliance to get there.

I woke up lying on my bed,”Jack!!” I called,Rose hadn’t woken up yet..

“Please Rose!” we are crying “Wake up.”

Rose P.O.V

I woke up,to the sound of Jack and Jessie crying,it had been a tough one frighting against the alliance,but I did it,after our quick reunion,We discussed what we were going to do whilst eating cold fish and chips,we started packing our bags,We were going to Cambridge,together because I don’t know what I would do without them.


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